Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Coupon code from Autoparts Deals

Advance Auto Parts is running a mighty fine deal right now on their entire store!

According to a website that presents Advance Auto Parts Coupons and Promo Codes, you can sally up to the counter, present your goods from the store that you want to buy, and they will give you 15% off your entire order.  This more than compensates and offsets the government's take of your precious take home pay, and makes for a lot of tasty cheesesteaks to boot.

I was trying to fix my Wearever break pads, install a Autocraft Gold Battery, and assemble my Airtex Fuel Pump while I slaked my thirst for cow blood, but found this was certainly too many tasks to achieve all at once.  So I put down my parts, concentrated on the task at hand, and then was able to achieve a corporate synergy that makes six sigma fools look like girl scouts lost in the woods!

Take it from Cooter, you won't find a better deal on this page than the deal that are on this page!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Autozone Father's Day Sale

Auto Zone is promoting a limited time coupon for Fathers' Day which will save you 20% on all orders of $100 or more! The maximum savings is capped at $50, and this AutoZone promo code only goes until June 18, 2013.
Click here to get your coupon code, and be directed back to AutoZone
Fathers' Day is a perfect occasion to boost your car and automobile parts. It may be disturbing to think, but your dad is actually much more content up to his elbows in radiator fluid and grime than he is listening to maudlin stories of your cherished youth.

 Yeah the man raised you, but he did it out of his own will to continue his genetic line. There was much sacrifice, and he could have been using coupons for autozone regardless of his father status, yet we are all ultimately selfish, and there is little we can do to escape this existential underpinning. So as you pack up the car, check the brake fluid and the cylinders under the hood, and you think of your own nut sack and how such a ridiculous looking appendage is the root of your fatherhood, remember that we are all apes, and were once slime, like the stuff that comes out of Cooter's 57 Chevy in reverse popping NITRO on the well manicured lawns of the Bourgeoisie.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

JC Whitney Mother's Day Coupon

I found a great Coupon code for JC Whitney, good from now until Mother's Day, May 12th, 2013:

Get 10% off orders of $99 or more, click here for up to date code

Saving 10% is a big deal, especially when buying a gift for you Mother. Of course this JC Whitney coupon does not need to be used for a Mother's Day gift, but rather it can be used for your own purchases.

Don't forget that Mother's best gift might be a set of spark plugs and a new radiator. This gift would be much better than a vacuum cleaner, which implies that you expect your mother to take pleasure in her own spiritual demise, cleaning up after your dirty self.

Should you feel a pang of guilt using a 10% off coupon for JC Whitney on Mothers' Day, then you can assuage this guilt by using the lesser 8% coupon, which does not contain the word "mother: in the code:

  Get 8% off orders of $99 or more, click here for updated code

And so this week I noticed a subtle wobble in the front axle of the car. I stepped out and checked the tires and sure enough the front right tire had a large screw or nail bored into the side wall. The tire had not leaked but I new I would need to get a new tire. I knew JC Whitney would not let me down, but instead I went to the local Toyota dealership, and they patched the tire and assured me that said patch job would not blow out and cause an auto accident. The whole bill was about $20.

I then ordered some new brakes and applied one of the JC Whitney coupons above. Mom will be so pleased with the tires and she will understand that her presence allowed a guilt free use of the special coupon code.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Advance AutoParts Coupons for March 2013 are here!

Cooter is very excited to have found these fantastic coupons for Advance Auto Parts, and he would like to share them with the masses:

Click here to reveal coupon code for this tasty collection of goodies:
Take 15% off nearly everything, plus get $30 to use on a future $75 order when you spend $75 now and have it shipped to your home. Of course Advance Auto Parts offers free shipping on orders over $75! This offer is good 3/11/2013 through 3/23/2013.

Click here to reveal 15% off coupon code This one is more simple to use and saves 15% off your purchase from Advance Auto Parts. This coupon code is good from March 1, 2013 through March 31st, 2013.

Click here to reveal coupon code This coupon code builds in value: Take $10 off $30, $25 off $70 and $40 off $110 orders. This coupon code is good from March 1, 2013 through March 31st, 2013. Now

Cooter is getting tired and so he is going to bed. He will be dreaming of shocks, struts, and shocks that strut like well lubricated engine blocks, preferably Swedish, and with push up bras.  Is Volvo Swedish?  Was the Swedish Chef for real?  These questions boggle the mind.

New Auto Zone Coupon for March 2013

Cooter just keeps finding new codes for auto parts coupons! Here is the latest discount code for Autozone:

Save 20% on orders over $100! Click here to show coupon code 
This great deal starts 3/12/2013 and ends 3/27/2013. 
The maximum amount that can be saved using this coupon for Autozone is $50 on ship to home orders. 

 I'm fixing to get some radiator fluid with this deal, as I was up all night flushing my own radiator. After that I made a grilled cheese sandwich on rye bread, and put some chassis lubricant on with the mustard.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Autozone Coupon for up to $50 off, March 14th through March 20th, 2013

Cooter has found an incredible deal!  For one week only, automobile shoppers can save up to $50 on their next purchase of auto parts at Autozone:

Get 15% off purchases of $75 or more
Get 20% off purchases of $100 or more!
Click this link to find up to date code, valid 3/14/2012 through 3/20/2013
Now that I've shared this coupon code for Autozone with you, I would feel remiss if I did not tell you a little something about my St. Patrick's Day drinking. Cooter does not think that anyone is being honored with the current state of the holiday. It is an ethnic insult, a green faced minstrel show, a sorry, beer fueled mosh pit for television watching losers. If you rode a bus with beads around your neck and started fights all night, then Cooter thinks you are less important to the ecosystem than green slime - and you might as well dump coolant and antifreeze on your dreams of individuality. See, Cooter spent the night making sweet love to the inner engine parts of a 1976 Dodge truck that he is renovating. I played some Celtic music and had a sip or two of Irish Cream, before I said a prayer to St. Pat and performed a rosary for my Irish grandmother. Shocks, Oil, Batteries, Gaskets, Timing belts - these are the autoparts that deserve your celebration. And you should do that with your aforementioned AUTOZONE coupons above. Take care, take a steep AutoZone discount, and take your weak green face paint off and stare at the hollow soul in the mirror who would forsake human decency for a piss in the alley on a Saint's Day.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

JC Whitney Coupon Code for 10% Off, Good Through March 17, 2013

It seems like it has been a while since Cooter had a good coupon code for auto parts to share, but that's only because of the recent turmoil in Washington, D.C. related to the sequester.  Read on to learn how Cooter went to our nation's capitol to fight for justice, but make sure to review these excellent auto parts coupons from J. C. Whitney:

 ~ From now through St. Patrick's Day, 2013 you can save 10% on all orders of automobile parts from JC Whitney! Click here to reveal coupon code

 You may find similar coupons for JC Whitney offering 10% off any online orders, but there may be a caveat that you must spend $100-150 to qualify. Not so for the coupon code above, as it seems to have no minimum purchase.

So now, about my trip to Washington, D.C.  It seems that a certain "sequester" has gone into effect, and that the government is cutting back on everything from brake pads for our military trucks to cheddar cheese distributed to the poor. Cooter asked to speak directly to President Obama about this matter and was granted immediate access.

During my meeting with the president, I stresses that the savings on brake pads, steering columns, and window shield wiper blades unfunded by the sequester would certainly not achieve any long lasting budgetary restraint, but would instead result in the unnecessary injury of our men and women driving vehicles without brakes, tires, or even spark plugs.

The president understood my position, and slapped old Cooter on the back, stating: "You know Cooter, you have enlightened me today, and I shall include you in my prayers tonight." I then alerted him to the most recent coupon for JC Whitney that might save the US military a whopping 100 million dollars, depending on their total order size.