Sunday, March 17, 2013

Autozone Coupon for up to $50 off, March 14th through March 20th, 2013

Cooter has found an incredible deal!  For one week only, automobile shoppers can save up to $50 on their next purchase of auto parts at Autozone:

Get 15% off purchases of $75 or more
Get 20% off purchases of $100 or more!
Click this link to find up to date code, valid 3/14/2012 through 3/20/2013
Now that I've shared this coupon code for Autozone with you, I would feel remiss if I did not tell you a little something about my St. Patrick's Day drinking. Cooter does not think that anyone is being honored with the current state of the holiday. It is an ethnic insult, a green faced minstrel show, a sorry, beer fueled mosh pit for television watching losers. If you rode a bus with beads around your neck and started fights all night, then Cooter thinks you are less important to the ecosystem than green slime - and you might as well dump coolant and antifreeze on your dreams of individuality. See, Cooter spent the night making sweet love to the inner engine parts of a 1976 Dodge truck that he is renovating. I played some Celtic music and had a sip or two of Irish Cream, before I said a prayer to St. Pat and performed a rosary for my Irish grandmother. Shocks, Oil, Batteries, Gaskets, Timing belts - these are the autoparts that deserve your celebration. And you should do that with your aforementioned AUTOZONE coupons above. Take care, take a steep AutoZone discount, and take your weak green face paint off and stare at the hollow soul in the mirror who would forsake human decency for a piss in the alley on a Saint's Day.

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