Saturday, March 9, 2013

JC Whitney Coupon Code for 10% Off, Good Through March 17, 2013

It seems like it has been a while since Cooter had a good coupon code for auto parts to share, but that's only because of the recent turmoil in Washington, D.C. related to the sequester.  Read on to learn how Cooter went to our nation's capitol to fight for justice, but make sure to review these excellent auto parts coupons from J. C. Whitney:

 ~ From now through St. Patrick's Day, 2013 you can save 10% on all orders of automobile parts from JC Whitney! Click here to reveal coupon code

 You may find similar coupons for JC Whitney offering 10% off any online orders, but there may be a caveat that you must spend $100-150 to qualify. Not so for the coupon code above, as it seems to have no minimum purchase.

So now, about my trip to Washington, D.C.  It seems that a certain "sequester" has gone into effect, and that the government is cutting back on everything from brake pads for our military trucks to cheddar cheese distributed to the poor. Cooter asked to speak directly to President Obama about this matter and was granted immediate access.

During my meeting with the president, I stresses that the savings on brake pads, steering columns, and window shield wiper blades unfunded by the sequester would certainly not achieve any long lasting budgetary restraint, but would instead result in the unnecessary injury of our men and women driving vehicles without brakes, tires, or even spark plugs.

The president understood my position, and slapped old Cooter on the back, stating: "You know Cooter, you have enlightened me today, and I shall include you in my prayers tonight." I then alerted him to the most recent coupon for JC Whitney that might save the US military a whopping 100 million dollars, depending on their total order size.

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