Wednesday, May 1, 2013

JC Whitney Mother's Day Coupon

I found a great Coupon code for JC Whitney, good from now until Mother's Day, May 12th, 2013:

Get 10% off orders of $99 or more, click here for up to date code

Saving 10% is a big deal, especially when buying a gift for you Mother. Of course this JC Whitney coupon does not need to be used for a Mother's Day gift, but rather it can be used for your own purchases.

Don't forget that Mother's best gift might be a set of spark plugs and a new radiator. This gift would be much better than a vacuum cleaner, which implies that you expect your mother to take pleasure in her own spiritual demise, cleaning up after your dirty self.

Should you feel a pang of guilt using a 10% off coupon for JC Whitney on Mothers' Day, then you can assuage this guilt by using the lesser 8% coupon, which does not contain the word "mother: in the code:

  Get 8% off orders of $99 or more, click here for updated code

And so this week I noticed a subtle wobble in the front axle of the car. I stepped out and checked the tires and sure enough the front right tire had a large screw or nail bored into the side wall. The tire had not leaked but I new I would need to get a new tire. I knew JC Whitney would not let me down, but instead I went to the local Toyota dealership, and they patched the tire and assured me that said patch job would not blow out and cause an auto accident. The whole bill was about $20.

I then ordered some new brakes and applied one of the JC Whitney coupons above. Mom will be so pleased with the tires and she will understand that her presence allowed a guilt free use of the special coupon code.

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